People’s ‘morning routines’ or daily habits have long been a buzzword and clickbait. A quick search will throw out not only hundreds of articles but also youtube videos with millions of views. It’s obviously a hot topic. But the amount of information can actually be overwhelming. Some people’s morning routines (Mark Wahlberg we’re looking at you) are so intense and complex. Trying to pick up and copy what they’re doing isn’t going to magically make your mornings better. Which is why the importance lies in a morning routine that is right for you. We truly believe in the idea that a good morning will set you up for the rest of the day. But how you spend that morning should definitely be honed to you personally. We love to take inspiration from others (and we will be sharing some of our favourite morning routines) but the secret to a morning routine is trial and error, drawing on advice and ideas but ultimately working around your individual situation. Getting out of bed at the last minute, jumping in the shower and running to catch the train is often frowned upon, but if this works for you, and you turn up to where you’re going full of beans because of the twenty minutes extra you got in bed then this is a routine that helps you be your best self. And ultimately that’s what we’re all trying to do. A morning routine is often looked at as an elaborate, long list of things that you have to tick off in order to have a successful day. We’re here to change that mindset, so the reason why you should have a morning routine is simple; we all deserve a good morning, and any way you can help set yourself up for the day is a routine that you need to recognise and hone! We set Good Mornings up as a celebration of our favourite part of the day, a way to aid and inspire people to make the most of their mornings. We will be here to give you advice, plans, and products to make your mornings better than good, but remember - what works for Oprah may not work for you so keep your individuality and build change sustainably. Stay tuned for more to come for your Good Morning

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