We explain what a digital planner actually is
So we create and sell digital and online planners. But what is a digital planner? Put pretty simply…it’s a digital version of a traditional paper planner.

The beautiful planners that you can buy from a stationery shop – well a digital planner is just that but instead of being paper, they are an iPad template (or any tablet) that can be imported and edited to completely personalise your experience (way better than a physical one). Sounds a bit simplistic really doesn’t it?
Once you import your Good Mornings template you will be able to use a stylus or an apple pencil to write on the pages as if it were a paper planner – except you won’t have the limitations that come with only using paper.

Digital planners don’t get lost, spilt on, or left behind – you don’t waste time flipping through pages unable to see any headings to put all your notes in one place easily. They’re more environmentally friendly, easier to erase and modify and can be used across multiple devices so you can take it with you on the move.
You can also have endless possibilities. I love a notebook and a planner, but no one was making one that suited me. I’m very particular in design and very particular in which sections work. I have failed to find a physical planner because there are sections missing, or too many sections I would never use that it feels like a waste, or they simply are too hectic and not my aesthetic. When purchasing a planner what you’re actually buying is a digital planner template, an interactive PDF that fits your personal style and what you’re wanting to achieve to organise your life, keep yourself on track or simply make note of events and appointments. They can be adapted, personalised and modified so they are completely perfect for your needs.

We love our digital planners because they make it easy to keep on top of everything we’re doing and working towards. It also helps us grow daily.