Productivity is something that has been banded around for years as what we should all aspire to be. Be productive with your time, be productive at work. All of my friends celebrate a ‘productive day’ which feels like a day when one or more mundane tasks are completed, exercise is done or simply they haven’t sat in front of the TV or infront of a bar.
Whilst a lot of our work focuses on making our mornings the most productive they can be, we want to address the pitfalls of productivity and the sides of this word that we don’t want people taking on.

Productivity is often associated with work. With always being on and always working towrads something, a goal, a payrise, a project. The work from home shift and lock down has blurred evenings and weekends, with most people sat behind a laptop until late at night, or instinctively logging on over the weekend or in their free time.

This side of productivity is unhealthy. You don’t need to be producing output to be productive.
For us, a productive day is one where we have moved our bodies, spent time with each other and enjoyed delicious food and drink. It’s setting aside time to watch the new TV show we’re obsessed with without once picking up our phones or getting distracted. It’s laying in on a Sunday as long as we possibly can so we are well rested and enjoying the moment of laziness. It’s spending 5 hours reading alone on the sofa because the book has become intensly interesting and we’re not worried about rushing out somewhere else.

Productivity is doing the things you need and want to do well, by laying in an extra hour we will get through our workout quicker. By reading for five hours I will be more inspired in my next creative. By completely immersing ourselves in a show we will be able to work without distractions when we need to.
Productivity isn’t the output, its the way you approach your day so it maximises what you need. If you need to sit on the sofa watching Married at First Sight and eating Haribos, that is an incredibly productive use of your time.

We will be rolling out more guides and exercises around productivity, but we thought we best introduce what it means to us and dispel any rumours that a day under the duvet is the opposite of productive.

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