We love Christmas, the mulled wine, the mince pies, and all the markets that London can deliver. We also know that Christmas is actually quite a stressful time, especially as we’ve got older and moved to being organisers or supporting teams in the pulling off of one of the biggest and most stressful days of the year.

So we made a digital planner that you can download and use on your iPad or tablet with your favourite note taking app so that you can have a little help planning the big day.

There always seems to be so many things to remember, so we’ve put them in one place.


  • A Master to-do list – a brain dump for everything to get ready for the big day
  • A card list – space for addresses and whether you’ve actually posted it
  • Present Planning – with space for costs so you can keep on top of your budget
  • Stocking Fillers – we always used to fight if there were different amounts of stocking fillers, laid out side by side this will avoid that family awkwardness
  • Meal Planning – For what you’re making and what any guests are going to bring
  • Christmas Eve Plan – including to-do list movies, music, and food planner
  • Christmas Day Plan – A morning, afternoon, and evening planner
annie-spratt-QKo-op_gR9I-unsplash 2
With tabs between each section, and a home tab on each page we’ve built this planner to be as easy to navigate as possible. To use it, all you have to do is download your favourite note-taking app to your iPad (we love Goodnotes, Noteshelf and Notability) and load the file as a template.

Each section is completely adaptable – with space to add names and dates if you run out of space on your to-do list (quite possible seeing as we missed a Christmas last year) you can simply duplicate the page!

As a bit of advice, whenever we use a planner, we set aside time daily to check-in and make sure everything’s up to date. Getting into the morning routine of checking what has to be done, ticking off what’s done and updating everything is not only hugely satisfying, but also keeps us on track.

Whatever routine works for you, we hope this planner helps you have a brilliant Christmas, get the planner for only £2 below!