As you may remember from a while back, two of our four pillars of business are Creativity and Productivity. At first glance, these two things seem at odds with each other. If you are creative you are seen to be ‘free’, not productive and definitely not aligned with processes! But that’s where people are wrong. Being creative takes discipline. Haruki Murakami used discipline and process to make sure that when he was writing he was doing so with the best foundations. Rising at 4am, working for 5-6 hours and then running or swimming before reading. He credits keeping to this routine without variation as putting him in a ‘deeper state of mind’ and enabling creativity to flow.
Part of the reason we started Good Mornings is because we want to impart knowledge. And part of that knowledge is based around how mornings and productivity will actually increase your creativity. With over eight years experience in Creative Services, we found that there isn’t much information around how you harness creativity, help a team to perform at their best or even set out teams and processes for output. So we’re making it our mission to not only set you up for the best mornings, but also extend beyond that into productivity and creativity!
We very much believe that ‘what gets measured gets managed’ so we’ll be giving you more updates, knowledge and guides moving to more creativity and productivity. If you know anyone who works in any creative industries, is starting their own brand, or simply wants to enhance their creativity, share our newsletter and make sure they sign up to get all of the information we wish we knew a decade ago!

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