Even though it doesn’t feel like it, London is a city of four seasons. Our summers may be late arriving and the rain may be unpredictable, but technicaly we see all four seasons every year. This seasonal shift affects several things in our household. One, the mood - Gina is very much a summer person and when the sun is shining so is she, but two, the morning routine. The way we approach our mornings in winter is completely different to the way we approach our mornings in Summer.
For us, Summer means more time in the morning. The alarm goes back by 30 minutes (to 6am) but we naturally wake up a little earlier due to the sunrise and the fact that even after nearly five years, we haven’t managed (or bothered) to put blinds in the flat.

This additional 30 minutes means we get more time between getting home from the gym and starting at work. When it’s nice out – this additional time is spent on our balcony having a chat about the day ahead, or sitting in silence drinking coffee and reading a good book. With the summer sun comes more positivity, the playlists get breezier, the coffees get colder and our time outside is extended. In winter our mornings are spent staying in bed until the last minute, running to the gym and back, then snuggling down to a coffee. In summer we’re up and outside as soon as possible!
Summer also means holidays (in normal years). With restrictions the last couple of years we haven’t actually made it abroad as a couple, but we have gone on some great staycations. Sometimes our morning routine comes with us, and sometimes it doesn’t. Dependent on how we are feeling, or how the month has gone, if we are on holiday we can often abandon the morning routine entirely! No exercise, no reading, just lazing around enjoying the freedom for as long as we fancy.

Just as morning routines should be a starting point to build upon, not set in stone, they should also be an evolving system that grows as you grow and adapts to situations and seasons.

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