Our Fourth Good Mornings Exercise, takes you through our four pillars
This month, for your Good Mornings Exercise, we’re keeping it simple. So simple that you will be able to do this exercise in the time it takes to boil the kettle for your morning cup of coffee! To make sure we’re all aligned and interested in becoming 1% better each day; this month we’re going to rate where we are so we know where we are improving.

All you need for this exercise is a piece of paper (or google sheets if you want to be fancy (and keep it on file).

We want you to create a radar graph (or spider graph if you’re not an arachnophobe like Gina) based around our areas of attention.

Begin by writing down our four pillars; either on paper or in column a, and then give each pillar a rating. Be honest here. Whilst we are built on sustainability, we know that we have a way to go so we can’t give ourselves the highest score despite working hard in this department. The same with wellbeing; we focus on this, yet will still get overwhelmed on a Monday morning when sneaking a look at our work emails, or we will skip out on our mindfulness practices one too many times a week.

Fill out your ratings as honestly as you can, taking into account that we are all on a journey, and no one expects you to be scoring well already (we are no where near a 10 in any of the areas that we focus on). This will give you a picture of where you stand today, and help to inform your choices on how to improve with us.

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