It's not often that the act of getting up and out of bed feels like it's unsustainable. But that's exactly why our exercise this month is to check what we're doing in the morning and whether we can make small, sustainable changes.
It’s really easy to just autopilot through your morning. That’s why we’ve written out an approach to making sure you’re making good choices!
  1. Write out your morning routine – even if you think it is simply getting out of bed and getting dressed. Still write this out. 
  2. Take each step separately – write each step as a heading on a blank piece of paper and draw two lines to create three sections
  3. Write down all the mini steps – for example getting out of bed could be step one, but within this step you could have, turning off the alarm, putting slippers and a dressing gown on, having some water from next to the bed.
  4. Write down any tools and products – in the middle column of your page, write down every tool or product you use to perform that step. For example, iphone and charger, slippers, glass of water, bedsheets and covers, bedside lamp.
  5. Measure the impact – for every product and step, think about whether you have made the best choice. For example how long does your shower last, can you cut this to ten minutes. Your morning slippers, who makes them, what materials do they use? Your first coffee – are you using filter papers or throwaway products
  6. Decide on some swaps – now you have everything written down, you can look at how you can make simple swaps. Is this as easy as not charging your phone overnight so you have an alarm, or swapping your cotton buds to reusable ones? Now you can see the impact you can start making small, sustainable changes.

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