Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to build your first morning routine.
  1. Grab a piece of paper, or our notion template
  2. Write down everything you currently do in the morning
  3. Write down the time it takes to complete each action
  4. Write the time it takes to complete each action
  5. Write down the time you wake up and the time you have to be out the door (or at your computer if like us you’re still WFH)
  6. Working forwards from your wake up time, allocate a time for each of your current morning activities
  7. Now add thirty minutes (minimum)
  8. If this exceeds your wake up time, make your wake up time earlier by 10 minutes, and make note of your remaining time in the table
You now have the first iteration of your morning routine.
From here you can build more of your Daily Processes and Stepping Stones into your morning routine. Once you have measured your remaining time – those remaining minutes will be what we use to start building a new morning routine.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to make small, sustainable changes, we will share a framework of how to put together your morning routine but please, start slowly, as slow as possible and make incremental changes that will have compound effects. DO NOT fill your morning with long lists of tasks and things to do, this will put you off and you will fail (trust us, we’ve tried it) So now you need to start thinking about how you make your mornings better.

The foundations to build your morning routine can be categorised into four main aspects.
  • HEALTH – Wake up your body, promote movement, nourish yourself for energy, stretch or increase your fitness
  • MIND – Meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, affirmations
  • GROWTH – Learning, working on goals, reading, reviewing, setting your plans for the day
  • INSPIRATION – Enrichment, content, conversations, beauty

  • In that exact order of importance. So when you begin layering, make sure that you start with your health, then mind before moving on to growth. You can have the most ambitious goals in the world but if you are neglecting the basics, you won’t have the correct foundations to build on.
    Now to build on to your foundations to start growing daily you need to examine your routine and find out where you can slowly add in additional actions or tasks that will help you reach your goals. Most will find that their current routine takes care of health (water, breakfast, perhaps some movement) but you can always add into this category before tackling the next.
    1. Take some time to jot down some ideas under each heading, just a simple brain dump will do for now.
    2. Once you have done your brain dump, have a think along these categories of anything else you do later on that feeds into these.
    3. Move these actions and tasks to the morning – we are most inspired and productive in the morning so doing them as part of your routine will make you more likely to do them, plus you will feel a sense of accomplishment having ticked it off and not having it outstanding when you have ended your day.
    4. Now that you have your brain dump of things to add to your morning, start by adding ONE thing.
    5. Make it simple
    6. Make it easy to be consistent
    7. Once you have that one thing nailed, add one more thing
    8. Continue until you have all four categories covered in your daily routine
    9. If you are undertaking our goal training, or you have set yourself goals, make sure they are added as the first addition following the Health and Mind
    10. This is in the form of your daily processes, the daily things that you will get done which will help you complete your stepping stone goals which is the path to succeeding in your actual goals. if you’re not sure what we are on about, check out our GOALS section about how to set and achieve your goals
    11. Keep tweaking your morning routine until it is perfect for you.
    Remember, keep it to small changes and remain CONSISTENT Do not wake up an hour early and do another hour of tasks, you will overwhelm yourself. Add and detract in 10 minutes, single-task intervals, it’s not about all or nothing, it’s about that 1% growth every day.