Our Routine Questions Series finds out exactly what other people do in the mornings that make them have Good Mornings

What time to do you wake up? 


When you wake up, what wakes you up?

iPhone alarm. Hate that noise!

What is the very first thing you do when you wake up?

During the NBA season the first thing I do is check last nights NBA scores. I find it difficult to get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off so the 15-20 minutes I stir in bed is perfectly filled with NBA highlights from last nights games.



Jordan is the co-Founder of Good Mornings and the strongest Lewis Hamilton ambassador in South London! Having worked in front-office roles his entire life Jordan leads New Business at Hofy, a London-based tech startup automating home-working for businesses around the country.



Do you feel you get enough sleep? If not what is the one thing that you think would make you improve your sleep cycle the most?

Never tracked my sleep but it’s 6-7 hours most nights, that works for me. Pillows I think are the most important thing. I need firm pillows and I need two of them at least.

Outline your typical morning…

Wake up, 6.15am. NBA highlights on YouTube for 15 minutes. Leave for the gym at 7.20am, arrive at gym at 7.30am, back from the gym at 8.30am. Shower. Meditate. Moisturize. Day starts 9am.

I’ve got it locked down to that pretty religiously in the past six months.

Is a consistent morning routine important to you?

Very. I firmly believe there is a correlation to the unproductive days I have to the ill-disciplined mornings I have. Everything starts from the top.

Does your morning routine change on the weekend? If so, how?

Not really. Start time gets pushed back a bit more and the NBA highlights extends from 15 minutes to maybe 30 minutes! 

Have you ever taken any steps to improve your morning routine, and if so what prompted you to do so?

Yes, I work in a front office role so productivity and discipline became paramount to my life. when I got to 22/23yo I looked at ways to increase efficiency in alsmot everything I did so when I read The Morning Miracle it made me realise the impact of a structure to your mornings

Do you consume any content in the morning, if so what form?

NBA highlights! I set restrictions on my apps until 9am each morning so I dont see any notifications of texts, emails, IG updates until they flood through at 9am. Occasionally I peek at them before then but I’ve noticed a correlation between the content I consume first thing and the mood I have in a day. It’s Youtube for the NBA, Calm for Meditation and nothing else!


Do you do any exercise in the morning, if so what type of exercise and how would you describe its impact on your day?

Yes. Big on exercise. I became mildly obsessed with Crossfit this summer so I head to the gym and do the latest workout on every day. The exercise > shower > meditate portion of my morning is the most important. Without gym in the morning I feel less productive, less ready for action, less compassionate.

What do you eat in the morning? What do you drink in the morning?

Nothing. Intermittent faster here! I don’t eat or drink anything bar water before Midday so everything you’ve seen me describe here has been done fasted. Makes me feel alive

Who would you like to see answer these questions?

I’m obsessed with the concept of elite performance. Elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs and highly driven people fascinate me. I’d like to see Scooter Braun answer these questions, it feels like that man never sleeps.

If there is one piece of advice you’d give to someone wanting to improve their morning routine, what would it be?

The Premier League runs from August to May every year. There’s a common saying with the league which says something to the effect of “You can’t win the league in August, but you can definitely remove yourself from contention if you start badly”. 

Apply that philosophy to your mornings and you’ll be off to a flyer every day.

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