I don’t know if you have been following on our social, but October was the time I really tried to pick up mediation again. With the help of trusty headspace and our The Mindfulness Supplement I geared myself up for a big month. And it’s not been easy. So here is a very personal guide to what picking meditation up in one month is like.
It’s a bit overwhelming to know where to begin. I wanted to give myself as much support as possible so I thought the best way to do it would be through an app. This in itself was quite a challenge. There are so many different options, and before you know which is right for you it’s incredibly hard to just pick one ‘off the shelf’. I read a tonne of reviews, and looked into different interfaces and usability. Ultimately I decided to go with Headspace, giving myself a month and then if it wasn’t working, allowing myself to try something else.
It’s hard. It feels like just another thing to fit into your day and an additional ten minutes to find. I am hybrid at the moment. I work two days a week in the office and three at home. At the days when I am in the office, I have a good hour and 45 minutes taken away from my morning. My commute is around an hour but with the need to actually get dressed for the outside, pack up your stuff and make sure I’ve made a coffee to go and sorted some food I really don’t have much time at all. I’ve found that on days in the office I do a 10 minute meditation instead of 20.

It’s also strange, it feels a little silly at first – I started off playing the sessions out loud, but then realised this wasn’t completely calming for Jordan and felt a bit distant so I switched to listening with my headphones. This still feels a little odd – a bit like a podcast instead of a meditative state (for some reason it feels off to be using technology whilst meditating).
It seems a little like going through the motions. The app is great, I love the breathing exercise at the beginning of the routine, but sometimes the sessions feel a little like I’m listening to them for the sake of it.

IT’s something that I’m struggling with, but I’m going to stick to. As you will know from our Habit Loop, it takes a long time for habits to form. I can’t honestly say I feel more in control of my emotions or particularly more grounded and present in the moment, But it is definitely something I can see making an improvement as long as I stick with it!

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