We know you will love our digital planners and online guides, here are our most helpful FAQ’s. If you have any other questions please reach out on social or email us at
Each Good Mornings Guide gives you weekly overview, a daily and a weekly planner and a habit tracker. Each of our specific planners have at least four further sections tailored to your goals. Each planner comes in a digital form for all note taking apps including Goodnotes, Notability and Noteshelf. A printable form and a premium notion template (which can be used with the free version of notion). You will receive a PDF planner which contains hyperlinks to the notion template ready for you to duplicate and use.
Digital planners replace heavy journals and books that become dated over time. Just like normal planners, digital planners have specific sections that you fill in on a daily basis to track habits, appointments, events, to-do lists, goals, and much much more.
Notion templates are built so you can just duplicate the template into your own personal notion space. You will have to sign up for a notion account however our template can be used with the free version. Simply follow the link within the PDF guide to get your notion template, follow the instructions to begin populating it, and use it daily.
Our Good Mornings Guide notion template has full instructions, however all you have to do is head to the template included in your guide, to the right hand side of the template is three dots bringing up options. Chose the option to ‘duplicate’ and the template will be duplicated to your personal notion space.
The planner can be used on notion (which will require a free account) or printed without the use of an app. To enable handwriting and annotations directly on the guide, an app will be needed.
The Good Mornings Guide is compatible with all note-taking apps. The ones best suited for the Guide are Notability, Noteshelf, and Goodnotes.
First off – download the Good Mornings Guide PDF files and save to your document folder of choice (Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive etc)

Goodnotes: 1. Find your downloaded file in the Files app on iPad and tap to open/view it.2. Tap the Share icon.3. Locate and tap “Copy to GoodNotes” option.4. In GoodNotes, select where you would like to open your file in.

Notability: Click on the top right corner ‘import tab – the sign with the arrow pointing down. Search your files for your Good Mornings Guide and click – the app will prompt you to either create a new document or add to an existing one, choose ‘create new document’. Change or keep the file name and you are done!

Noteshelf: Click on the plus sign in the top right corner to import a file, The app will open a window showing your folders, search for your Good Mornings Guide and click import. This will now be inside your Noteshelp library and ready for use!
Once you purchase you will be sent a PDF that contains your planner, click to download, and save to your storage drive
Yes, the planner comes in two sizes, one in A4 for printing and one the correct aspect rations for ipads.
Due to the digital nature of this business orders cannot be canceled or refunded once they have been downloaded. If you do have an issue with your planner please email us at

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