Evaluate your yesterday
Part of how we make sure we have Good Mornings, is to honestly evaluate the day before. This is an exercise that can help in both personal and professional settings, but the ability to truly understand what happened in the previous 24 hours, or even week, enables us to plan far more efficiently.

The purpose of this exercise is to understand how we are using our time. It helps us to see if we are being as efficient as we can be, as focused as we can be, and as happy as we can be. Evaluating your yesterday is often seen as a business tool – a way to make sure your goals and ambitions are on track, but it is far more than that. It is also a way to make sure your paying attention to what makes you happy so you can double down on it.


  1. Take a piece of paper and label 1-10 on the left hand side
  2. Write a list of 10 things you did yesterday (doesn’t have to be in any particular order)
  3. Take a second piece of paper, and write down what you want to achieve tomorrow, or this week
  4. Now compare both lists
  5. Check against your goals and ambitions vs the things that you did yesterday.
  6. How many of your tasks fed into what you want to achieve?
  7. How many of the actions you completed brought you joy, or made you smile?
  8. What during your last day was important or urgent?
  9. What during your last day caused concern?
  10. Once you have done an audit of yesterday vs goals and ambitions, you will start to see what can be removed, and what can be built on.
  11. Write out a list of the next 10 things you want to do (a mixture of joy and goals) to help plan out your next day.

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