We’re Jordan and Gina, a couple from South London who moved in together during the pandemic. As two pretty high performing people who have scaled companies, launched products and side hustles, and achieved some pretty special things if we do say so ourselves…. what we found when we moved in together is that a lot of what led us to success was laying the best foundations, and starting off our day right. 

That’s how Good Mornings was born. 

Having the best foundations and understanding the processes, actions, and finding ways to actually go out and achieve your goals is nothing new. The concept of morning routines, goal setting, productivity, and other key pillars of our business have been around for years. What hasn’t been around for years though is our methods, approaches, and learnings.  

As start-up scalers and creators, a lot of what has brought us success is simply kept behind hidden doors or reserved for those that go through it, iterating along the way until they reach the right solution. We reached the right solutions and wanted to make it easier for those that came behind us to get to where we are now. Moving in over lockdown gave us daily access to each other’s skills and solutions, and we discovered quite quickly that what we’ve built separately is invaluable and we should combine our skill sets and expertise to offer a full solution to anyone wanting to achieve their wildest dreams. Good Mornings was born of a need to share how we build our morning routines, get better by 1% every day, and achieve all we set out to do.

We’ve basically spent years trying, failing, and ultimately learning how to build the best foundations so you can achieve anything you want, all the journeys we have gone through to get to where we are today would have been a lot easier if we could learn this from others,  but a lot of what we’ve learned is completely unavailable to people in an easily digestible and actionable way. So we decided it was time for a change.

It’s not often you get a product made by two people with opposite and complimenting personality types and professional achievements. As industry leaders in ‘first of their kind’ roles, we are writing the blueprint for future companies that work outside the traditional sectors and we want to share it with you! 

As such you get access to industry-defining solutions that can’t be found elsewhere (trust us, we’ve searched high and low as it would have made our lives WAY easier). We’ve pooled all our expertise into easily accessible and digestible content, courses, and templates to give you quick answers, proven practices, and replicable formulas to grow daily.

We believe your best life starts with how you set yourself up for the day, we promote small, sustainable change, productivity, creativity, wellbeing, and a mindful approach to your impact on the world.

Come with us on this journey of daily growth that starts with Good Mornings.